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When do registrations for each of the categories commence?
Registration for all the running categories will start from Mar 30th, 2017.

What is the last date to submit entries for each of the categories?
31st January 2018 or as soon as running places are full, whichever is earlier..

Can I register on the day of the event?
No. Requests for registration will not be entertained post closure of respective registrations dates.

What is the minimum age eligibility for each race category?

Is there any upper age limit for each race?
No upper age limit.

What is the Entry Fee for each of the races?
Entry fees (Exclusive of Service Tax*)
A For domestic applicants (i.e. applicants residing in India)

Race CategoryHalf Marathon10K Speed Challenge5k Joy of Running
Rs. 850/-Rs. 850/-Rs. 550/-

* Service Tax No. AAFCT6365FSD001& CIN No.U74900HR2016PTC058068

How can an overseas applicant apply for the Event?
An overseas applicant can apply ONLY through online registrations

In whose name should the cheque or demand draft be made?
All cheques/demand draft to be drawn in favour of
"Tabono Sports & Events Pvt. Ltd"

Which payment mode will be accepted for online registration?
An online applicant can pay ONLY via credit card, net banking or debit card.

How will my entry acceptance be intimated to me?
If you have provided your correct email id in the application form/ online registration, you will receive an email confirmation. A physical confirmation letter will be sent to you by post ONLY if you have not provided your correct email address in the form or you can check the list in the Application status page.
If you do not receive any intimation from the race office, please contact us on +91-8090026004 or email us at

Can I register for more than one race?
No An individual can apply only for one race in the Event. An application form received with two options chosen, will be rejected. Multiple applications will entail in all being rejected.

Can I register for my friend?
No. An applicant has to sign the waiver himself/herself. You cannot register on your friend’s behalf.

Is there any criteria for confirming my application for the marathon/half marathon category?
Your application for the Half marathon or 10K (Speed Challenge) is confirmed based on the information provided in the application form and answers provided for clarification (if required)

Can I run with somebody else’s running BIB on race day?
No. Race day images will be screened visually after the race and if any participant is found wearing a running number bib not allotted to him/her, the participant registered for that bib will be disqualified from the race and the subsequent edition of the event.

Under the Half Marathon & 10 KM category, are there any cut-off timings for applying under the ‘timing preference’?
No, but we request please participate if you can finished the Half Marathonin around 3 hours 30 minutes and 10KM in 1 Hours 45 minutes.

What will happen once I submit my Half Marathon and 10KM application under confirmation preference criteria?
Your application for the Half marathon and 10KM will be confirmed based on the preference criteria mentioned above. Please note, confirmation is subject to –
  • Verification of documents, where applicable, submitted by you,
  • Verification of your application’s eligibility under each criterion,
  • Availability of running spaces under each criterion and
  • Entry Rules and Guidelines.
Please note: on race day timing results and certificates will be generated only for runners who complete the half marathon distance within 3 hours 30 min and 10 KM within 1 hour 45 min from start time.

Are there any confirmation preference criteria in Joy of Running?
Confirmation preference criteria do not apply to registration and confirmation process of the above Runs. Applications for these categories will be accepted on first-come-first-serve basis, until close date of registrations or until running places for each of the categories are filled, whichever is earlier.

Can I and my group of friends/colleagues submit our applications together as a group?
Yes, but ONLY if you want to participate in the Joy of Running.
No group applications will be accepted for the Half Marathon and 10 KM race category. Also, please do not club Half Marathon or 10 KM applications with group applications of Joy of Running – such applications will be disqualified.

What are the things to be remembered while submitting application forms as a GROUP?
  1. Where 20 or more individuals submit their entries together, this will constitute a group entry. All members of a group have to fill and sign individual application forms. Under ‘Application Type’ in the application form, applicants need to choose ‘Group’, mentioning the group name and size of the group.
  2. Please DO NOT club Half Marathon or 10KM entries with group entries. Such entries will be disqualified.
  3. Only one cheque/DD will be accepted for group entries.
  4. Group entries will be accepted only via the physical modes of registration. Applications made online cannot be treated as group entries
  5. Each group must submit their entries together one time, in a single envelope under a covering letter on a official letterhead issued by the company/NGO/ any entity stating –
    • Total number of entries enclosed in each race category,
    • Number, date, amount and bank name of cheque/DD submitted,
    • Name and contact details of one common point of contact for the group;
    • Covering letter needs to be on a company/NGO/ any other entity’s official letter head, duly signed and stamped by the authorized signatory of the entity.
  6. Deposit application forms along with requisite application fees and covering letter at our Registration office. Please call our helpline number +91-8090026004 (10 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday) or email at for submission of forms.

Can I fill a single application form on behalf of all the members of the group participating in the event?
NO, each member/ runner needs to fill individual application form with all the mandatory fields duly filled and necessary documents attached.

Can a representative submit applications on behalf individuals?
Yes, however, a representative can submit individual applications of not more than 10 people.

On what grounds can my entry be rejected or declared invalid?
Your entry can be rejected on any of the grounds listed below. A regret letter will be sent to the address mentioned in the form spelling out the reason for not accepting your entry.
  1. Incomplete form submitted,
  2. Waiver not signed,
  3. Applicant is underage for the race chosen,
  4. Mutilated form/cheque/demand draft/currency notes submitted,
  5. More than one entry form received from the same applicant,
  6. Short receipt or non-receipt of entry fee,
  7. Local Delhi & NCR cheque not submitted,
  8. Required documents not attached/submitted,
  9. Cheque or demand draft submitted not cleared by the Bank,
  10. Running places are full,
  11. Any other reason.

Will I get a refund of my entry fees on my entry not having been accepted?
Your entry fees will be refunded vide a NEFT transfer to you by 28th feb 2018. You will be contacted on your email asking for your NEFT / Bank account details. An amount of INR 150 will be deducted as processing charges.

Can I transfer my application/registration-info in favour of another person?
Registrations are NOT TRANSFERABLE but can be used for next year event.

Once applied can I cancel my entry and get refund?
Once you have applied, request for cancellation and refund will not be entertained though we will try to use the same for next year’s Event.

Can I change my race category once I have applied/my entry is confirmed?
Once you have applied for a particular race category, you cannot change your race category, though you may decide and run the distance you wish to.

Can I register for more than one race?
No. An individual can apply only for one race in the Event. An application form received with two options chosen, will be rejected. Multiple applications will entail all being rejected. Running Bib Collection

When, how and from where do I collect my Running Number Bib?
All confirmed participants are required to come to the Bib Expo. No running bib will be posted to individual mailing addresses. It is mandatory for a Half Marathon and 10Km participant to collect his/her running bib personally from the Expo. In case of unavoidable circumstances, such runner can send his/her authorized representative to collect running bib on his/her behalf. Please note, a representative will not be allowed to collect running bib on behalf of more than ONE Half Marathon or 10Km participant.

Can someone else come to the Expo and collect my running number bib?
It is advisable for a Half Marathon & 10KM participant & Corporate Championship to collect his/her running BIB personally from the Expo. In case of unavoidable circumstances, such runner can send his/her representative to collect running bib on his/her behalf. Please note, a representative will not be allowed to collect running bib on behalf of more than ONE Half Marathon or 10 KM/ Corporate Championship participant.
Authorized representative must carry with him/her –
  • Printout of website confirmation/ original acceptance letter,
  • Photocopy of photo-identity proof (of the representative and the confirmed participant), eg. Passport, DL, PAN card, Election card.

Can you post me my Running Number Bib?
No. All participants must come to the Expo to collect their Bibs.